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Our Coffee

The Knockrow Ridge Roast House is located at Newrybar in the Byron Bay Hinterland.  Here the magic of artisan coffee roasting happens.

Our coffee is selected from premium quality 100% Arabica beans, custom roasted to yield a rich full flavour.

Our philosophy is simple – make great tasting, freshly roasted coffee.

We source locally grown coffee, Australian beans as well as from a handful of carefully selected Central and South American countries, we use traditional roasting methods because we know making great coffee is an art as much as a science.

From the soil to your first delicious sip, we remain committed to our craft, creating consistently unique flavours our customers have come to love. At Knockrow Ridge Coffee we are committed to  providing freshly roasted premium quality coffee to our customers’ door.

The Beans

The secret to the taste of a particular coffee is rarely one thing.  But most roasters would agree on the importance of selecting the right raw product – the green beans.


Australian Bean

Knockrow Ridge Coffee sources its roasting bean primarily from the Byron Bay Hinterland area of Northern New South Wales and from the Atherton Tableland in far North Queensland when it is available.

Australian coffee has a distinct taste producing a natural sweetness, lack of bitterness and a medium body with both chocolate and nutty flavours. It is tricky to roast but with the finesse of our roast master you can be assured of a great tasting coffee.

The Americas Bean

Our  Americas bean is ethically sourced from a handful of Central and South American Countries, including Columbia, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

We are particularly proud to supply as our main coffee bean the Columbia Supremo. This bean is high grown (1700 to 2000metres) and produces the classic Columbian flavours, some chocolate – caramel green apple sweetness, cupping at around 84 points(speciality grade).  These are arguably some of the best coffee producing countries in the world and we know you will enjoy the many types of roast we can provide.

The Roast

At Knockrow Ridge Coffee we roast in small batches to meet orders, ensuring your coffee is as fresh as possible. Roasting is undertaken in a traditional roaster (without the aid of computers).

Care and attention underpin our approach to producing premium coffee and each roast is tested for quality and consistency.