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The Perfect Coffee

By September 19, 2015June 21st, 2021No Comments
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Exactly what makes The Perfect Coffee is a matter of personal taste. Take for example the Knockrow Ridge Dark Roast – a tricky roast demanding the undivided attention of the Roast Master where a turn or two too late and its burnt; or a turn or two too early and its closer to the Medium Dark! But beware, there is an ardent following of Dark Roast lovers – they don’t like to wait for their order…

Each roast has its fans and each has a unique taste. Some better suited to long brewing techniques of a drip filter/stove top apparatus or those short on time looking for a quick fix via the plunger, others leave it to the deft hand of the Barista expertly guiding the espresso machine. The Medium Dark and Espresso Blend are particularly suited to those who like Espresso and milk based coffee. The Medium is loved by plunger aficionados.

Not Sure? – try the Knockrow Ridge Coffee Sample Pack and discover your favourite.

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